Built for Crescendo, Anglerfish was made to shoot primarily into the amp and speaker. This bot came a short height for driving under the stage and a multifuctional shooter!



Built for Charged Up, Cuttlefish was very orange, had an impressive auto, a near-perfect endgame balance, and the incredibly awesome fishtake (fish intake)!



Built for Rapid React, tall and with a uniquely shaped climber, Sharkbait is very fondly remembered by our team. The team's first original design, complete with googly eyes!


Last Jack Standing

Our first bot created the year the KoiBots were founded, this robot was made to compete in Infinite Recharge and won the Rookie All Star Award!

We are team 8230, the KoiBots! We are an FRC team based out of Arlington, VA at the Arlington Career Center. We have been in FIRST since 2019.