KoiBots Weekly Build Season Updates

Week 6: District Championship!

Well, we made it! Chesapeake District Championship. It's been a long and exciting season, and over this season we've all learned and grown so much.                                  

This was a bittersweet competition, since we have 5 seniors graduating, making this their last competition with the KoiBots. 

This was a long three-day competition with lots of fun memories, lost voices, and blahaj’s all around! This competition was definitely not our best, with communications between our robot and the drivers going in and out all weekend. We also had some technical issues, including a broken intake crossbar, gyro sensor and bumper. 

Despite this, we kept cheering enthusiastically for us and other teams and ended up winning the spirit award! Even though we did not do or place well, we still are proud of ourselves for advancing this far. 

As we head into off season we will be starting our Spring Fundraiser, doing yard work for families in our community. If you’d like to sign up for your yard to be cleaned, please see the flier to the left. We'd like to thank all the parents, volunteers, and our school staff for the help this season. You all are so incredible and the reason this team runs how it does. 

This webpage will be updated with all the off season shenanigans and events in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Week 4: Falls Church!

Here we are again, competition week four, Falls Church! Luckily, Falls Church is only about a 20-minute drive away, so we could stay home before our long awaited spring break. Like Blacksburg, Falls Church was an exciting adventure that kept us all on our toes. With 36 teams at this competition, alliance selections and qualification rounds were bound to be more intense. We started off the competition good, we had a robot that could successfully shoot into the speaker and amp and had many familiar faces surrounding us. Unfortunately, our intake bar broke on day 2 after an aggressive hit on the stage. It all got fixed, and we could intake successfully after not being able to intake and using a different intake method for 1–2 matches. The competition went smoothly, and before we knew it, it was 12:30 on Sunday and time for the long awaited alliance selections. If you weren’t aware, we sadly did not get chosen for an alliance in Blacksburg, but was taken in as a backup robot and won Blacksburg with that alliance. This time around, we were the second pick for alliance 7 with our good friends SuperNOVA and Gryphon Robotics! We as an alliance made it to match 10 before we got eliminated. Even though we were eliminated, we were still happy and grateful to be able to compete with our alliance partners. We also won the Imagery Award, which we all accepted ecstatically, as this was our confirmation that we were officially going to the CHS District Championship in Petersburg! Districts will be April 4th-6th, with an exciting three days of competitions! The past 2 months have been exciting, exhausted and an amazing experience for the whole team. As we head into spring break, we would like to thank all students, families, alumni, mentors and fellow First competitors for the sacrifices you’ve made to help this team this year, we wouldn’t be where we are without you. Thank you, and have a good spring break!

Post Blacksburg Update

We're back, and ready for our Falls Church competition in about 1 week. The past two weeks have been overwhelmingly productive. Firstly, we finished CAD-ing and building the shooter in just a week and gave it off to programming earlier this week. We can now succesfully shoot into the speaker and the amp! We have also proposed and put in place a new leadership strategy, which we implemented last week. Our two new captains are keeping the team in line and help deadlines get met on time, one of our main problems pre-Blacksburg. If your interest in attending or get updates on our Falls Chruch competition, go to our Blue Alliance page or scan the QR code to the left!

Falls Church Event Details!

Competition Week 1: Blacksburg!

Competition Stats:

District Rank: 16th
Qualification Rank: 22nd
Record: 9-11-0
Total Ranking Points: 13
District Points: 37
Awards: Gracious Professionalism, District Event Winner, REV Play of the Day

We made it! The Blacksburg competition was a roller coaster of emotions the whole time. With many parts of our robot breaking, including the bumpers and shooter. We sadly did not get chosen for an alliance, which is where the top 8 teams choose their 2 alliance members for the playoffs. We went on, cheering enthusiastically for other teams, while our pit team was hard at work in case someone needed a backup bot. We ended up getting placed as a backup bot for Alliance 1. We played as a defense bot, wildly chasing the other alliance's bots around and blocking their shooting attempts. In the end, our alliance won the entire competition, and we all left the competition ecstatic. We won the Gracious Professionalism award and the unofficial play of the day sponsored by REV, which we both gratefully accepted. One of our mentors, Steve Nystrom, also advanced in the Woodie Flowers award. Blacksburg was an amazing experience, filled with funny moments and learning opportunities for the whole team. We will be working busily for the next two weeks in preparation for our Falls Church competition on March 23rd. 

Week 0 Practice Competition Overview

We attended the Week 0 practice competition this past Sunday in Glenelg, Maryland. We had a lot of obstacles to overcome, including a bugged shooter, melted intake roller, programming and motor troubles, and some wires were too long so we coulden’t drive. Even though we faced a lot of challenges, we overcame them and are focusing on fixing others before our first competition in Blacksburg, VA on Saturday 3/2.

1-6 Overview

Since we only just got this blog up and running, heres an update of what the KoiBots have done over the past 6 weeks.
We designed and prototyped our alpha bot, Minnow. We then completly redesigned our robot during week 5 from scratch, which we named Anglerfish.
We now have just under 3 weeks until our first competition in Blacksburg, VA.
Our art students have also been hard at work setting up the now published RedBubble which is selling KoiBots merch and other items. You can find this on our website in the donate page.
Keep an eye out for weekly updates and competition updates!

We are team 8230, The KoiBots! We are an FRC team based out of Arlington, VA at the Arlington Career Center. We have been in FIRST since 2019.